Administrative and operations transport manager


Administrative and operations transport manager




The duties of this position include:
  • Manage regional operations through maintenance of the operational budget and assistance in implementation of regional programmes, 
  • Manage daily reports to the beneficiary and the HO in Bucharest
  • Manage the schedule of the designated drivers and the truck fleet
  • Manage daily administration of the serbian subsidiary through inventory, office management and contracting; 
  • Manage in organising and schedule transport of LPG and bitumen with own fleet or subcontractors

Interested candidates need to be dynamic, open, hard-working and committed persons, who posses the following characteristics: 

  • Bachelor degree in finance, business, or similar; - strong computer literacy including excel and data processing tools;
  • At least 3 (three) years of professional experience in transport or oil company, experience in implementation of programmes is an asset; 
  • Proficiency in written and spoken English, 
  • Good judgement in balancing the need to follow orders and take initiatives, 
  • Well organised, tidy and trustworthy person, methodical in their approach to the office environment; 
  • Openness and willingness to learn and improve knowledge and skills. 

The vacancy is open to citizens of Serbia , the location Belgrade.

 Please send all documents to email : 


About the Company:

The serbian company is the subsidiary of a multinational transport company which is specialized in fuels, LPG, and bitumen transportation with a fleet of more than 350 trucks, and with more than 500 employees.