Journalist on Transitional Justice in Kosovo



2+ years

Albanian and English


The Journalist will be responsible for analytical, investigative and courtside reporting and directly report to the editor of the project, project manager, and coordinator as well as other authorised supervisor/s, who will assign duties as appropriate.

The chosen candidate will work at a rewarding position in a young and dynamic organisation that sets the news agenda in the Balkan region.


Deadline for applications: 10. 02.2018


Position’s summary:

  • Courtside reporting, research, and daily courtside reports;
  • Research and write-up of analytical reports for the online publication
  • Investigative reporting that includes research, interviews, data collection and analytical reporting;
  • Development of new ideas and topics for the online news portal and TV outputs of this project, as well as continuously working on improving and further developing the project;
  • Actively contributing to other relevant project activities;
  • Maintaining Regional Transitional Justice sub-site including postings of articles, activities, and related materials.


Other duties:

  • Maintaining appropriate contacts with the government authorities and officials of various local organizations, necessary in order to ensure correct execution of the above duties;
  • Maintaining appropriate contacts with the personnel of BIRN, as well as all BIRN country offices and/or personnel in order to ensure correct execution of the above duties;
  • Assisting the set up and subsequent maintenance of database of justice-related contacts;
  • Carrying out any other unforeseen duties that may be required to ensure the smooth operation of BIRN’s work such as covering for absent colleagues.


Qualifications and characteristics of a successful candidate:

  • Native speaker of Albanian;
  • Excellent command of the English language (writing, reading, comprehension, and speaking);
  • At least two years of experience with online, print or broadcast media or with project related to transitional justice
  • Experience with international media;
  • Knowledge of Balkans politics;
  • Special interest in transitional justice issues (war crimes, retributive legal processes, gender-based violence, reconciliation efforts, memorialisation efforts, role of the media in facing the past, missing persons);
  • Strong interpersonal skills, dynamic, open, hard-working, and committed personality;
  • Ability to work independently and pro-actively;
  • Ability to act as a team player in a deadline-driven environment;
  • Excellent computer skills.

BIRN encourages applicants of both genders and offers an equal chance to all interested candidates, irrespective of their religious, ethnic or political background. 

To apply for this role, please submit your CV with a cover letter by email. 

Apply to:


About the Company

BIRN, the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network, is a network of local non-governmental organisations promoting freedom of speech, human rights and democratic values. BIRN has a presence across the Balkan region, with country-based organisations in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Romania and Serbia. For editorial purposes it also has a network of journalists and editors in Montenegro, Croatia, Bulgaria, Greece and occasionally Moldova. BIRN has a wide media presence – online, in print, on TV, and on radio. BIRN’s flagship website,, one of 15 sites in different languages that BIRN runs, is read in more than 200 countries worldwide.

BIRN Hub, registered in Bosnia and Herzegovina, implements multi-annual media development programmes across the Balkans, designs and controls the implementation of commercial activities implemented by BIRN Ltd, the company registered in Belgrade, works on capacity-building of the network as a whole and ensures that the Network Regulation Rules, signed between members and the Hub, are upheld.