Resonant Voices Initiative - Impact Evaluation

The RVI set out to challenge polarizing and divisive narratives in the public discourse throughout the Western Balkans - in particular those disseminated online - and to equip critical voices in the target countries with the skills, know-how and resources to counter radicalization and other dangerous trends.

The following activities were implemented as part of the Initiative:

Research and assessment: social media monitoring, mapping of policy and institutional frameworks, a representative survey, and region-wide stakeholder consultations were conducted, and 11 regional stories were published in the local languages, covering various aspects of online radicalization in the Western Balkans.

Training: Five trainings, each in a different Western Balkan country, took place in May and June, followed by a Regional Hackathon in September. These were attended by civil society activists, religious community representatives, journalists, researchers, and other interested individuals and organizations.

Mentoring and pilot projects support: Pre- and post- hackathon mentoring and seed funds were provided to 11 selected project/campaign ideas. The selected project/campaign ideas were developed into prototypes, with the respective groups evaluating the potential risks, audience impact, and other aspects of their projects.

Scope of Work

CIJA US intends to conduct an evaluation of the Resonant Voices Initiative to determine its impact, relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability and contribution to countering radicalization and recruitment of foreign terrorist fighters and violent extremists in the Western Balkans through strategic communications by civil society.

More specifically, the evaluation should answer the following questions:


  • What is the impact of RVI on awareness and understanding of online radicalization in the Western Balkans?
  • What is the impact of RVI on the capacity of civil society in the Western Balkans to apply tools, techniques and strategies to effectively counter the narratives violent extremists use to recruit and mobilize followers?
  • What is the impact of the RVI on improved resonance and reach of online campaigns intended to counter extremist radicalization, recruitment and mobilization online?


  • To what extent did the Program achieve its expected results, in particular at the outcome level?
  • Were the assumptions underlying the project’s strategy correct?


  • Were expected results (outputs) delivered within budget?
  • What is the cost-impact relationship and its implication for future financial planning of similar initiatives?
  • How does the cost-effectiveness compare across countries and target audiences?


  • To what extent did the support provided by RVI meet the specific needs of project beneficiaries?
  • To what extent are the objectives and the approach of the RVI responsive to the needs, context and priorities of the targeted audiences?


  • To what extent has the RVI contributed to the ability of civil society to effectively combat dangerous message online over the long term?

Cross-Cutting and Emerging Issues

  • To what extent has the RVI taken into consideration and integrated gender, human rights, ethics and risk considerations in programming?

Proposal/applicant specification

CIJA US is seeking proposals from experienced evaluators and researchers familiar with both quantitative and qualitative methodologies, and with challenges of impact measurement in relation to the communications-based efforts in the area of countering violent extremism. Fluency in languages of the region is preferred. Application of novel approaches and experimental techniques is strongly encouraged.

The impact evaluation is expected to use a mixed method approach and base its findings and recommendations on the robust online analytics and plausible, evidence-supported explanations of the transformative effects of messaging and content produced by the RVI grantees.

Estimated level of effort is 15 working days and the following activities and deliverables are envisaged:

Activity Deliverable
Project documentation and M&E data review, interviews with RVI team
Methodology and work plan (within 5 days of contract signature)
Data collection, validation and analysis
Evaluation report (within 15 days of methodology and work plan approval)

Application instructions

Interested applicants should submit a technical proposal (max. 3 pages), together with a financial proposalby 15 April. The application package should be accompanied by applicant’s resume, including a list of twoprofessional references to whom the applicant provided similar services in the past.

Please submit your proposal by email to no later than 15 April, 17:00 CET. Please notethat CIJA US intends to interview all applicants whose proposals meet the above listed criteria.