Waitress/Hostess at Bushido 5*



Minimum 2 years




  • Minimum High school degree
  • Minimum 2 years of working experience in catering/hospitality industry
  • Knowledge of English language
  • Communication skills, courtesy and kindness
  • Readiness to work in a multinational environment


  • At least a 2 year contract, salary + tips + monthly performance-based bonuses
  • Working hours: 6 days per week/9 hours per day, paid probation period of 6 months
  • Salary for Waitress: 700 eur (5 placements)
  • Salary for Hostess: 700-800 eur (5 placements)
  • Provided: work visa, health insurance, life insurance
  • Sharing accommodation (2-3 persons in a room with bathroom) or single room depending of a work position
  • Possibility of financial amend for accommodation
  • Organized work transfer or financial amend, three meals for employees
  • 30 days of paid annual leave with paid airplane ticket
  • Return airplane ticket upon contract fulfillment
  • Equal work treatment with the Bahrain nationals during the work and stay

Please download and submit this form of CV in English along with required photograph.


Supervision over the activities of IRS Agency, as a carrier of the employment process, is conducted by the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Policy of the Government of the Republic of Serbia. In accordance with Article 101 of the Employment Act, IRS is to provide the Ministry with information on all persons who are to be employed including employee size, structure and other information related to employment abroad, before they leave to work internationally (Article 100 of the same Act).

Law on Employment of the Republic of Serbia guarantees the gratuitousness of all unemployed candidates, therefore this offer refers exclusively to EMPLOYED persons who are willing to hire IRS agency to intermediate during employment changes, since there are certain costs that will be applied which will amount to the value of one month's net salary. These costs will be paid for at the completion of the employment process.

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