Uploading the business resume

What happens after I submit the resume?

As you've noticed, Balkan Job Finder is not public directory. Your resume will not appear online, but we will make it available to corporate and independent recruiters according to information you provided with registration. There are 2 check boxes, one is for stating explicitly that your resume should be available to other employers and recruiters that match your needs, and second one is about your subscription to mailing list. We strongly advise you to give your consent to both opportunities.

We care about your privacy. No information you provide during the registration on BJF will be provided to third parties. All data will be used only for purposes stated and specified before you click submit button.

What can I expect and when?

We assure you that your business resume will be carefully categorized by BJF team and properly tagged.

When job opportunity arrives, your skills stated in resume will be taken into account in two cases: if you apply to job opening advertised on BJF, and if you applied earlier and your skills match the profile employers seek for.

What can you do in between? Secure yourself from missing important updates and confirm that you want to receive news from Balkan Job Finder.

Every week we will make sure to inform you about latest jobs!

In case you didn't check this option while registering, subscribe to news and updates here: http://eepurl.com/qVelH

Will BJF inform me about job opportunities?

Yes. You can expect newsletter with latest job positions, job openings that match your profile, and news and tips that are coming from our partner network. Partner network consists of certified professionals from all over the region, and part of their engagement in BJF is to give out free advices on BJF upcoming blog – HR corner.

How can I keep up to date with latest job openings?

We warmly encourage you not to miss any opportunity. But: do not apply to every job listed on this website. Applying to every job that is published will be penalized and we will be forced to reconsider your participation in recruitment process.

Stay hungry, be crazy and do not be careless about how you present yourself. Too much of desire might lead to unwanted results, i.e., we might remove your resume if it appears linked to every single job post that's been advertised.

Publishing the job advert

Can I make payments from abroad? 

Yes, we accept credit cards and bank wire transfer. Payment details are explained bellow, keep reading.

Are my payment transactions secure?

Yes, 2CO is one of the most recognized worldwide online payment gateways.

To whom will my company details be available?

According to our privacy policy all your data are secured, accessed only by BIRN for payment and job posting purposes, and will not be available to third parties.

When will my job post appear?

The job ad will appear within next two business days (48 hours) after the payment and will be online until the date you marked as application deadline.

How do I get resumes of people who applied to my job ad?

All the resumes will be emailed to you upon expiration of your job ad. We kindly ask you to send us confirmation email as you receive email with applications.